At Comfort Design, environmental responsibility isn't a trend...'s ingrained in our corporate philosophy. From our recycling program to our eco-friendly foam, we are committed to steadfast stewardship of the Earth and its resources.

At Comfort Design we recycle manufacturing waste, including leather and fabric scraps. We also recycle our leftover foam and packaging materials. Our upholstery springs are crafted from recycled steel and the fiberfill in our arm and back pillows is derived from recycled materials.

Comfort Design is dedicated to preserving precious resources. We partner with suppliers who are a part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a program that combines the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality. We use energy-saving lighting in all of our North Carolina facilities. We also use foam cushioning made with BiOH Polyols by Cargill Corporation from an eco-friendly resource - soybean oil. BiOH Polyols leave a much smaller environmental footprint than petroleum based products with a 23 percent reduction in total energy demand and a 61 percent reduction in non-renewable energy use. BiOH Polyols decrease global warming emissions by 36 percent compared to traditional petroleum derived products.

Comfort Design is committed to making our Earth cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly. It's not about being green - it's about being a responsible citizen of the world in which we live.